Client Success Stories

David Haselschwerdt Marietta, GA
 Pilates helped me avoid back surgery.  Read More 

Staci Wise Marietta, GA
 Pilates helped me build strength and prevent dysfunctional movement; it has also taught me to focus on my breath and take care of my whole self.  Thankfully, I am now able to function pain-free. Read More 

Stan Sunshine
Stan Sunshine Sandy Springs, GA
I have improved awareness of my golf swing which has led to better ball striking. Read More 

Angel Deedy
Angel Deedy Marietta, GA
I enjoy the benefit of being stronger and more fit with each session. Read More

Suzie Price
Suzie Price Marietta, GA
Realize that Pilates will help you feel more balanced mentally and physically, it’s a restorative exercise that is important to health and a sense of well-being.  Read More
Anita Kempers
Anita Kempers Marietta, GA
I used to work out with a personal trainer but it was too much for me. Pilates is much easier on my back. It’s easier on my body. I’m getting the results I’m looking for.  Read More
Charles Hodges
Charles Hodges Marietta, GA
The best thing about the center is the staff. They are very conscientious, well educated and they understand and care about individual client’s needs. Read More
Theresa Cole
Theresa Cole Sandy Springs, GA
I really credit the workouts at the center for much better I feel about myself. I’ve lost inches and I’ve toned and tightened everything up quite a bit. I’ve gone from wearing loose-fitting yoga pants and t-shirts to body-hugging workout gear.  Read More
Espe Semerau
Espe Semerau Marietta, GA
I enjoy the one-on-one work because that way the sessions were customized to what I needed to work on and I improved a lot over a relatively short period of time. Read More
Bill Henslee
Bill Henslee Marietta, GA
I can do things now that I didn’t think possible at my age. I leave each workout feeling both proud and stronger, mentally and physically.Read More
R.H. Atlanta, GA
Pilates contributes to my well being and improves my general health and joie de vivre. Read More
Anne Ledoux
Anne Ledoux Marietta, GA
Doing TRX  and Pilates has completely changed my body and nothing fits me now.  I have to use a belt to hold my pants up.  I feel like I’m wearing  clown pants. Read More
Anne Gillman
Anne Gillman Marietta, GA
I really love the way pilates makes me feel so much stronger and stretched out after I’m done. Pilates feels a lot different from things you may have done in a gym. You may see not results quickly, but they do come, and you will learn how to do exercises correctly. Read More
Tammie Johnson
Tammie Johnson Marietta, GA
I have arthritis and Pilates doesn’t hurt my joints. Read More
G.S. Marietta, GA
I have never done anything athletic in my life, so Pilates has helped me develop muscles and be stronger. Read More
Missy McMurray
Missy McMurray Atlanta, GA
As I age, my fitness goals are changing, and it’s great having a studio that supports and listens to me. Read More
Wynn McCurdy Marietta, GA
I have enjoyed being at your studio VERY much! I really like the level of instruction.  Being at your studio has gotten me back into the routine of working out, so thank you very much for that! You and your staff are always friendly and encouraging.When I feel like I am doing awful, you are always telling me I’m doing great!
Karen Langshaw
Karen Langshaw Ameila Island, FL
The work outs that each instructor has tailored for my private sessions focused on the goals that I initially requested during my consultation. The group sessions help round out what I need in order strengthen other areas that may not be my main focus but certainly are part of a healthy and well rounded focus. They see help you get not only to where you want to be, but also to where you should be. Read More
Angelica Ariztia-Norman
Angelica Ariztia-Norman Marietta, GA
I like the relaxing atmosphere — the minute I walk through that door I know I can take a deep breath and forget about the world. Read More
Michele Labouf
Michele Labouf Marietta, GA
I really appreciate that the group classes are kept to a small size so the instructor can still work with each of us individually to correct our form or adjust the exercise to our skill level. Read More