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This busy executive makes Pilates a priority.  Pilates has improved the condition of a bulging disk.

Anne Gillman, a Vice President for Incomm, schedules her pilates lessons into her weekly calendar and gives them priority, just like any other appointment. Anne is a perfect example of “no excuses” when it comes to getting her workouts in. Despite her busy travel schedule, she regularly attends Pilates 2 – 5 times per week (she has been known to arrive at the studio straight off the “red eye”). Anne shares that she “likes the flexibility of being able to schedule my lessons around my work schedule.”

When Anne began Pilates last April, she had a weak core and a bulging disk in her lower back. Now, after a year of regular practice, the bulge is healing and Anne is no longer a candidate for surgery. “Pilates has definitely helped improve my core muscles, and my back is stronger and healing”, says Anne.

Learning Pilates required a lot of patience. “I found Pilates really challenging at first. I wasn’t used to doing such small, controlled movements.  Plus, I didn’t have very good form and it was hard for me to feel what I was doing.”

Anne’s advice for new participants is “Definitely be patient. It’s awkward at first. It feels a lot different from things you may have done in a gym. Your body works differently in Pilates. You may see not results quickly, but they do come, and you will learn how to do exercises correctly instead of just trying to get them done.”

What does Anne like about Pilates? “I really love the way it makes me feel so much stronger and stretched out after I’m done”.

Our hats go off to Anne for her dedication, positive attitude, and stick-to-it-ness. She represents all that is great about making Pilates part of a healthy lifestyle.

As our featured success story subject, Anne receives a $25 gift certificate to Simply Fresh, our favorite Gourmet to Go store located right here in Paper Mill Village.

Check out Anne holding a perfect plank. In just eight weeks, her time increased from an impressive 2:04 to an awesome 3 minutes. Wow!

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