anne ledoux, client success story at the center in marietta

“Doing Pilates and TRX makes me look like I’m wearing clown pants!”

When Anne Ledoux mentioned to me a few months ago that she felt like she was wearing clown pants, I had to laugh.  “Clown Pants?” I asked?  “Yes”, she replied, “Doing TRX  and Pilates has completely changed my body and nothing fits me now.  I have to use a belt to hold my pants up.  I feel like I’m wearing  clown pants”.

Anne started lessons at the center two years ago, and at first she felt really uncoordinated.  “I had to learn body awareness. It was a challenge for me to stick with (it) Pilates at first.”

Anne says it took her a little while to “really feel stuff and to start seeing results.” After that, she was hooked.

Besides the convenience of the studio, Anne likes that she learns challenges.  “I like how it’s always progressing. One thing builds on the next,” she says.

In addition to loosing pant sizes, Anne finds that practicing Pilates has helped her attitude towards fitness.  Regular Pilates practice has given me a more positive attitude about health and fitness and about staying in shape.”

Anne comes to the studio during the evenings and participates in private group lessons. In addition to her twice-weekly Pilates lessons, Anne is an avid runner.  “Pilates has helped my running tremendously. I have much better control and more endurance.”

Her advice for newbies is to “stick with it.  You’ll start seeing results after about a month or so.  It’s really worth it.  I can’t live without it!”

Our hats go off to Anne for her clown pants and for making Pilates part of her healthy lifestyle.

–Mary Jo Falvey