Pilates helped this non-athlete discover strength and flexibility, and get into the best shape of her life… in her 60’s!

” I like that the instructors are always positive and upbeat, the workouts are always different and never boring, and that the studio is convenient to my home.

Before I started at the center, I had become very round-shouldered after years of sitting at a desk/sewing machine/art table. Doing Pilates has made me more aware of keeping my shoulders back and down. I have never done anything athletic in my life, so Pilates has helped me develop muscles and be stronger. Also, I haven’t had much flexibility in my neck and shoulders for the past 30 years +-.  I like that the instructors have given me specific things to work on that have helped in that area.

 Before April, 2010 I did not exercise at all. I started a diet program and walked every day after that. When I lost 50 pounds, I decided to try something new that would work all my muscles and Pilates was it. Since then, I have continued to lose weight, walk and do Pilates and I’m in better shape now than I have ever been.

I come twice a week, and I’ve been coming for 10 months. When I first started, I thought Pilates was impossible!  I didn’t think my body would ever be able to do the exercises correctly, but over time I have gained more confidence that I CAN do them.

 I like that the instructors always have ideas and suggestions for meeting specific needs and attaining goals.  For painful

muscles and flexibility, the Yamuna Ball and Body Rollers have been a tremendous help.  My goal was to be stronger and healthier to be able to keep up with my grandchild and have better posture.  the center has helped me achieve all of this.

My biggest challenge is keeping it up while traveling.  However, the instructors have given me suggestions so that I can stay on track during these times. I would highly recommend the center to any of my friends, and have already.  I would say “what you do now will affect the rest of your life” and “where will you bea year from now if you DON’T do it?” “