Angelica came to Pilates because she wanted to be healthier, have more energy, and get a better workout than what she was getting at the gym.


1. What are the three things you like best about the center Studio?

The relaxing atmosphere — the minute I walk through that door I know I can take a deep breath and forget about the world.

The instructors – the instructors that I have worked with are encouraging and committed

The location –it doesn’t take me more than ten minutes to get there from home, and that is something I really appreciate especially when I have a Saturday morning appointment at 9am and I really want to sleep a little bit more.


2. What did it feel like when you first started lessons at the center?

I felt that I was in really bad shape!!! And I was doing kickboxing once or twice a week!!!! Lauri, and my new friend the Reformer, taught me very quickly that an exercise well done goes a very long way.


3. How has Pilates helped you reach your Health and Fitness Goals?

I definitely have a lot more energy, and that was my main goal. I take power walks with my two dogs every morning and I really enjoy them now –I  even find myself singing Lauri’s tune for breathing while doing one hundred reps of an exercise, “And inhale 3,4,5, and exhale, 3,4,5, and inhale,… and exhale.”

Also, although I have lumbar lordosis, I haven’t had a single problem with my back. Now I have better understanding of the importance of doing exercises the right way. I am much more aware of my posture and my movements.


4.  If you had a friend who was interested in starting Pilates but wasn’t quite sure about it, what advice would you give him/her?

I would tell them what Joseph Pilates used to say is true! “In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a new body.” Give it a try!!!!