anita-postA lifelong exerciser and talented artist, Anita was looking for a form of exercise that would help her feel good and would be easy on her back.  After the first lesson, “I felt good immediately,” says Anita. “I love the workout. I used to work out with a personal trainer but it was too much for me. Pilates is much easier on my back. It’s easier on my body. I’m getting the results I’m looking for.”

In addition to twice weekly Pilates lessons, Anita does water aerobics and plays golf.  “The pilates is a great combination with the water aerobics and the golf.”

Asked what she likes most about the center, Anita replied: “The people. I love the personal attention.  I love being here.”

When not on the course, at the studio or in the pool, Anita can be found in her workshop, where among other things she makes jewelry, turns wood and makes furniture.  She has made several items to support Rescued Too in Paper Mill Village, including benches made from old bed frames and dog beds made from up-cycled chairs.

Anita recommends Pilates to all of her friends. “Just come and experience it and you will feel much better afterwards. I recommend it to everybody!”