Missy is a mom of two who still takes the time to run, bike, and do Pilates! She makes Pilates a priority, coming in 2-3 times a week as part of her regular exercise routine. Pilates has helped her recognize the healthy way to exercise—with instructors who will give her a rigorous workout when she can handle it and a lighter one when she needs it. Pilates helps her get a full body exercise, and she is “rarely ready for the 50 minutes to be over.”

When Missy started Pilates three years ago, she was apprehensive. Missy has never enjoyed gyms, but she stayed with Pilates and has seen the difference. She now tells her friends “that if they give it a year of consistent practice, they will be addicted too.” Missy recognizes that as she ages, her goals may change, but she loves having a studio that supports and listens to her.

Missy values the importance of exercising consistently for the purpose of feeling strong and healthy.  She says that Pilates helps her maintain a body healthy enough to exercise until the day she dies. Missy has a grandmother who will be 95 next month, and she wants “to do that and be active every day until the last. Hopefully the center will be there with me!”

As our featured success story subject, Missy received a $25 gift certificate to Simply Fresh, our favorite Gourmet To Go market located right here in Paper Mill Village