the center in marietta teaches a stott pilates athletic conditioning protocol

Kimberly (our new apprentice) and I have been shooting around different ideas about Pilates and athletes. Kimberly is a BIG supporter of Walton High School Athletics and has a real insight on many of the different training programs that the athletes do over there.

The fact is, STOTT Pilates can make the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete.

Pilates addresses the stabilizing muscles that may not be developed in a traditional athletic conditioning program. Strengthening the stabilizers frees up the bigger “moving muscles” to do their job more efficiently. In addition, Pilates works the body in all planes of motion, much like the way the body moves in athletics. This is in contrast to traditional weight training, which focuses on isolating a particular muscle group.

My mentor at STOTT PILATES, Stefania Della Pia, wrote a really good article about this topic that was recently published in a Canadian Fitness Journal. You can view the article here.

STOTT PILATES has developed a pretty neat Athletic Conditioning protocol that we’ve been using with our the center studio clients here in East Cobb. If you are interested in bringing your game to the next level, give us a call.

And if you are a Cobb Football fan, look for Kimberly at the Walton games this fall. She
will be pacing on the sidelines.

In Fitness and Health,

Mary Jo