Jill Gregory, Venice Nutrition, East Cobb, Marietta, Healthy Recipe"

This is one of my favorite recipes from Venice Nutrition. At first glance you may be astounded at the 3 lbs of chicken breast required. My eyes pretty much popped out when I saw that. I said “there’s no way I can do this”. But I followed the recipe to a “T” and it was GREAT!

Spaghetti Bake

Makes 1 Extra Large Casserole dish
Serving Size: A Generous 1.5 cups of mixture

Nutrition Per Serving:
Calories: 296
Protein: 31 grams
Carbohydrate: 26 grams
Fat: 6 grams

Note: This delicious casserole can be changed depending on your likes and dislikes. You can even switch out the whole wheat pasta for a whole grain, like brown rice, or barley to increase the nutritional value.


Pam Fat Free Cooking Spray
1/2 cup chopped onions
3 lbs. chicken breast, cut into small chunks
1 bag of fresh spinach (at least 10 ounces)
3 garlic cloves, finely minced
1 tsp. Italian seasoning
2 cans each 12 ounce No Sodium Added diced tomato
2 TBS tomato paset
1 box Ronzoni Harvest Whole Wheat Pasta, cooked
1 cup low fat mozarella cheese.

1. Heat extra large saute pan over medium heat. Add garlic and chunks of chicken and cook until chicken is no longer pink
2. Add spinach and combine until wilted. Add italian seasoning.
3. Add diced tomatoes and tomato paste until combined.
4. In a glass pan or lasagne dish, add 1/3 of the tomato/chicken mixture to the bottom of the dish. Next, layer 1/3 cooked pasta (repeat until you have approximately three layers)
6. Bake at 350 for approx. 30 minutes.