Catherine Day, Stott Pilates Instructor at the center in Marietta GaJoesph Pilates believed daily practice of his  “contrology” exercises was essential to a strong body and healthy spine.  He was a living testimony to his claim, staying fit and healthy well into his 80′s.  How about you? Are your ready to give daily pilates a try?

There are numerous ways to observe a pilates practice.   Free videos from You Tube, or free mat workouts from Ultimate Pilates Workout ( are two great ways to prevent boredom with your pilates mat routine.  You can also download workout to your iphone or get some Pilates books.

Pilates mat classes through a local pilates studio are another way to continue your practice.  The advantages to this choice are that you will receive personalized instruction from a certified pilates professional.  So you will know whether you are doing the exercises correctly or not.  You’ll also have the camaraderie of being in a group – an opportunity to make new friends and to be with people who love mat pilates as much as you do.

the center Studio in Marietta, Ga offers safe & effective instruction in the STOTT PILATES method.   We offer Private, Semi-private and very small group options.  You could come six days a week to get your pilates in!!  We are convenient to  Marietta, East Cobb, Sandy Springs and Roswell.

About the center Studio

Our Program combines the best of Pilates, Functional Training and Movement Reeducation.

We take Pilates “out of the box” and adapt exercises to meet the needs and goals of each individual. Our methodology is scientifically based on current research in exercise physiology, back care, and movement training.  Serving the needs of East Cobb, Marietta, Sandy Springs and Greater Atlanta, we offer safe & effective instruction in the STOTT PILATES method.