I read an inspiring article recently in one of my professional journals. It was about a woman who lost 85 pounds as a result of a regular pilates practice and eating a healthy diet.

But the weight wasn’t the only thing that she changed.

When she first began her practice, Alison Ryan was filled with self doubt.  She needed a confidence booster.  She needed an instructor who helped her feel comfortable about her body and about herself. She needed the magic of coaching and accountability in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

You can read Alison’s story on her blog.  It’s taken her five years to slowly loose the weight.  So it’s a permanent change for her, not a quick weight loss program.  Even more important than loosing the weight are the positive changes in Alison’s wellbeing, in her outlook on life, and in in her self-confidence.

I hope you find some inspiration from Alison today.

See you at the studio,

Mary Jo

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