One of our clients, Nancy Bauer, is at it again. This one-woman-world-changer extraordinaire is collecting personal items for an organization called “50 cents. Period.”

You can read a little more about 50 cents. Period on their website at

Nancy is looking to fill some swag bags with fun and much needed personal items and toiletries for between 30-35 women. Ideas: pens/writing tablets; basic underwear size M; toothbrushes/paste; nail polish, special tea cups, etc.

As Nancy told me “I know it seems hard to believe, but girls in developing countries miss a week of school each month during menstruation. 50 cents buys a month of sanitary supplies and an uninterrupted education. 50 Cents Period represents a worldwide network of women dedicated to creating more options for girls by providing supplies, facilities and education related to menstruation. The solution is simple; the impact lasts a lifetime.”

If you’d like to contribute, we’ll have a donation bin at the studio through February 18. If you’d like to contribute but don’t want to shop for things, you can write Nancy a check, payable to “50 Cents Period”. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Thanks for being part of this grassroots campaign!


Mary Jo