With Take Shape For Life, you’ll master the ability to:

      Create health in your life through good nutrition, proper sleep, ample exercise, and successful stress-reduction techniques.


      Transform your world into a supportive environment where healthy habits can grow and thrive.


      Identify unhealthy patterns and triggers, and choose to stay true to your health goals.


      Cultivate the Habits of Health-step-by-step, one day at a time-to replace those habits of disease that make us ill, overweight, and unhappy.


      Grow a healthier you with techniques proven to be successful by people who have maintained a health


    y weight for years after going on the Program.

If this sounds good to you, I invite you to join me on Tuesday February 5 to learn more about the program. Bring friends, family members and anyone else you think may benefit.

In Good Health,

Mary Jo

the center Studio in Marietta has helped residents of East Cobb and beyond improve core stability, core strength, flexibility balance and posture for over six years. We specialize in the STOTT PILATES method and our fully equipped studio contains reformers and all the other Pilates goodies. Stop by with your core and we’ll get you strong, stable and moving!