the center in marietta offers take shape for life health coachingA few months ago my doctor told me I had to lose some weight. Can you believe it? My BMI had inched up into the unhealthy zone.

Truthfully, I was feeling kind of yucky.

But I didn’t want to go on another diet. I wanted something that would work for me for the rest of my years.

That’s when I found out about Take Shape For Life.

It’s a fantastic program that focuses on creating HEALTH. The program provides coaching, education and support as you take your health journey.

I love it. I’ve been following the program since September, my weight is down, and I feel great. I’ve learned some new healthy habits that really work.

Want to learn more about Take Shape For Life?

Check out this short video

If you like what you see, come to our Take Shape For Life kick off meeting on Tuesday February 5 at 7:00 pm. You’ll meet with local East Cobber Dee Korchan, (she’s my Take Shape for Life Health Coach), sample some of our favorite recipes and learn more about how to get started.

Here’s to your health,

Mary Jo

the center Studio in Marietta has helped residents of East Cobb and beyond improve core stability, core strength, flexibility balance and posture for over six years. We specialize in the STOTT PILATES method and our fully equipped studio contains reformers and all the other Pilates goodies. Stop by with your core and we’ll get you strong, stable and moving!