plank  contest at the centerPeople who know me say that I get really carried away with exercise sometimes.  I like to think of it as staying informed about the latest research, new training methods and fancy gadgets.  Sometime I do get overwhelmed with all of the information and possibilities that are out there.

So I made a resolution this year to simplify my personal exercise program.  I’ve started a quest for exercises that

1. Aren’t complicated to perform

2. Can be done anywhere

3. Show measurable results.

Enter the mighty plank.

You know, the plank is an amazing exercise.  It is one of those “whole body” moves, which will strengthen everything from your legs and arms to your core and your spine.

Anyone can do a plank!  Really – you can balance on your knees and elbows or on your hands and feet.  You can get fancy and do a one legged plank.  Or really challenge your balance and do a plank on a bosu.

Are you game?

the center is holding a Plank University Contest.  That’s right, Plank U.  Everyone can participate and everyone can improve their personal plank holding time.

You’ll have about 40 days – (between now and February 29)  to practice your version of your plank.   We’ll help you set your goals and take some initial duration and position measurements.  We’ll give you a Plank Log.  We’ll track your progress every week or so.  We’ll cheer for you each step of the way. 

And you get a really neat t-shirt when we’re done.

See me or your instructor at your next lesson to record your base time, set your goals, and get your plank log.

Ready, Set,Plank!