So You are going on spring break and you know you’ll be tempted by dining out, being off your routine, or visiting a relative to whom food is love.


Venice Nutrition Consultant Jill Gregory shared this treasure of a tidbit with me today. It was written by Mark McDonald, creator of the Venice Nutrition Program and to me it makes perfect sense:

Eat consistently before “the meal “

Mark Says that “Too many times people don’t eat anything all day in preparation for their feast or an “Off Meal”. This becomes a nightmare for your metabolism. What ends up happening is you burn lean tissue mass all day long while you are skipping meals.

Your muscle mass is responsible for a fast metabolism, so if you burn muscle mass you slow down your metabolism causing you to store more body-fat. Additionally, you will be eating with low blood sugar; this in turn maximizes your appetite. The end result is a very high blood sugar spike alongside an increase in fat storage. This metabolic swing can be avoided simply: just eat balanced meals right up until the “Off Plan” Meal. Doing this will keep your body stable and burn energy more efficiently through the day. It will also prevent you from severely overeating at the “Off Plan” meal”

Thanks Mark and Jill, I needed that!

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