Back Care


Back pain is among the most frequent reason for doctor’s office visits.  Most cases of back pain are mechanical, meaning they are not caused by serious conditions.  Instead, they are caused by lifestyle habits and repetitive movement patterns that place strain on muscles.  Done correctly, Pilates is one of the most effective exercise methods to strengthen and rebalance muscles that contribute to back pain.


Lifestyle habits can contribute to back problems. We will discuss your daily routine, and suggest changes (such as proper lifting techniques and sitting positions) which can make a big difference in your condition.


Core strength and stability, as well as hip, shoulder and spine mobility (based on your condition), are the focus of our back care program. We’ll conduct a physical assessment to determine how your body is moving.  The results will tell us where to begin your lessons.  When appropriate we will consult your medical professional for recommendations. You may see improvement right away, however it typically takes three months of twice weekly private lessons (plus home exercises) to get you back on track.

When I first started I had no feeling in my left leg. I couldn’t stand on my left foot and I was in constant back pain. Lauri set up a program for me to address some weakness and imbalances in my muscles.  After the first private pilates lesson I was able to stand on my left foot. After the first week the back pain started to dissipate. After six weeks of twice weekly private lessons, I was ready for group classes.

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