Laura Seifter

  • Power Pilates Certified


I teach because I have a passion for Pilates and what it can do for your mind and your body. This passion comes from firsthand experience, as Pilates has helped grow stronger in more than one sense of the word. It brings me joy to help others experience Pilates and reap the benefits that I know it brings. I totally understand how difficult it can be in the midst of busy schedules to designate time for self-care, but I truly believe that Pilates is one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this goal. I teach to help people achieve the blissful feeling I get after a Pilates workout that results in leaving the studio feeling stronger and more energized.

I first began Pilates when I enrolled in a course one semester in college. I fell in love with Pilates immediately and learned so much about its history and philosophy. For the following few years, I continued practicing Pilates on my own and never lost interest. After graduating, I came to Atlanta to work with Teach For America in a low-income school. The job was stressful and demanding, and I began realizing that the time I spent practicing Pilates was a refuge from the chaos of my days. Inspired by what Pilates was doing for my mind and my body despite the difficult days I had at work, I decided to pursue a mat certification. I started out teaching Pilates classes on beach towels at the park to anyone who would show up. Since then, I have grown my knowledge, completed more certifications, and taught at a number of different studios in the Atlanta area. Still an elementary school teacher by day, I find peace and joy in teaching Pilates to those who, like me, might be looking for a place to refocus their energy in the midst of daily life.

I dabbled in just about every sport or activity there was when I was growing up–from acting to softball, tumbling to pottery. I played lacrosse in high school, but I was never too serious with any one sport. I loved trying them all! I’ve always been very active, and I still enjoy running and playing tennis.

I have two certifications in mat Pilates from Power Pilates and have taught for about three years. I am also earning a 600-hour comprehensive certification from Power Pilates, which includes all apparatus, as well as special cases. I have also taught barre for about two years.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Clemson University. I also have a Master of Education degree in the area of reading from Mercer University. Whether it’s elementary school content or Pilates, I love to teach! Currently, I am a 3rd grade teacher at a school in Brookhaven.


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