Jill Gregory, our Venice Nutrition Consultant, is offering a Free Health Assessment to the center clients.
This Assessment is a Great Way to Help You Get on Track.

You see, the Free Venice Nutrition Health Assessment, the center Studio, Marietta, GA
I know this and you know this, but it is a good, HONEST reminder when you see it in front of you. Jill’s assessment showed me that I work too much and play too little. Does that sound familiar? She has helped me make small reasonable changes to my daily routine so that I give myself some free time every day.

I knew I needed to do this, but having Jill’s support as a coach helped me to follow through. And guess what? It really works. I just finished a great book (does anyone know of a book club looking for members) and I’ve been exercising more.

Try it for Yourself!

Jill is keeping regular hours at the studio and she is happy to meet with you to discuss the program. You can call her directly to set up an appointment (404-354-0634) or ask us about it the next time you’re at the studio and we’ll put you on her calendar.