East Cobb Venice Nutrition Consultant Jill Gregory Shares that Eating Cookies can Be Good For you!
Have you every had one of those days? You start out eating a healthy, balanced, nutritious breakfast. But you skip lunch. And around 3:00 pm you are so hungry you could eat the first thing you see in your kitchen.

I never seem to see the apples in these situations. Instead, all I can see are cookies. In my house the cookies are kept on a shelf seven feet off the ground. That way my six foot+ son and husband can get them and I can’t. But when I’m having one of those days, I pull out my secret stool and find the cookies and eat all of them.

When I confessed my occasional cookie habit to East Cobb Nutrition Consultant Jill Gregory, she smiled and shared this tidbit of wisdom:

Accept that “Off Plan” Meals are good for you!

Venice Nutrition Founder Mark McDonald Explains why here:

There are 365 days in a year, if you are consistent 85{80a315e4dd37a71f75f7e4ff992bdaf41eff37bb476f6938f7a39849305fe965} of the time you are doing Fantastic. “Off Plan” meals are a great way to indulge in your favorite foods, enjoy Social Gatherings, and most important give yourself a Vacation from your regimen. There are even studies showing that an “Off Plan” meal can be helpful in breaking through Plateaus, due to the way they tend to shake up the body’s metabolism. There you have it, the Three Secrets to fully enjoying your Holiday meals as well as any Future “Off Plan” meals. It’s important to remember that the Key to Achieving your Permanent Nutrition and Fitness Goals is your day to day consistency. “Off Plan” meals, if used in moderation, are excellent for maintaining a realistic and balanced approach to your program. By embracing these ideas, you can now let go of the worry about Weight Gain during the Holidays or vacations. Implement these three secrets and you can have Your cookies and eat them too!

Wow, Mark and Jill, I feel redeemed. This makes a lot of sense!

Jill will be hosting a very special workshop at the center on April 26 at 7:00 pm. She’ll present the ins and outs of the Venice Nutrition lifestyle program, share some recipes (and some great food!) and let you know how you can get started living the healthy life you seek!