Venice Nutrition recommentd that you eat a meal high in protein 4 hours after eating a junk food meal to get your metabolism on trackSo strayed off your healthy eating program, indulged in some fatty, no-nutrition food and you’re feeling like a slug. What do you do now to get back on track?

Eat a meal of just protein and fat 4 hours after the “Off Plan” Meal

East Cobb Venice Nutrition Consultant Jill Gregory shares this secret from Mark McDonald, founder of the Venice Nutrition Program:

Eating food causes the digestive system to work, and an active digestive system typically means an active metabolism. Most people after an “Off Plan” meal will not eat for the rest of the evening. This causes the body to flip right over into a storage state, something that carries over to the next day – and they’ll have no appetite upon waking. There is an easy solution to this. Even 4 hours after an “Off Meal” the body’s blood sugar may still be high, so by having a 1/2 Meal of just Protein and Fat (No Carbohydrates), you’ll allow stimulation of the digestive tract and will increase your body’s metabolic reate, helping digest your initial “Off Plan” meal. In this second meal, you want to avoid carbohydrates since your blood sugar is still high and Carbohydrates are the biggest component in causing elevated blood sugar. You will notice that this second meal will cause your appetite to increase later in the evening and this way you will wake up the next morning hungry. These are very good signs that your body has used the extra energy available to it!

There! Doesn’t that make you feel hopeful? Find some protein and some fat, eat it, and let your body readjust its metabolism.

Mark shares this treasure of a tidbit and many more in his new book, Body Confidence. Order it on today.