Check Out These Private Group Descriptions

Stretch, Lengthen and Strengthen
Connect your mind, body and soul with a blend of Yoga and STOTT PILATES exercises  into a gentle sequence of stretching, breathing relaxation and core work.  Suitable for all abilities.

Equipment Essentials
Ideal for anyone wanting a comprehensive workout geared to push but not strain. Establish strong foundations in core and joint stabilization and progress from the novice to intermediate level. Use the Reformer, STOTT PILATES Stability Chair and Small Equipment as needed for variety. For Novice to Intermediate students. 

Intermediate Equipment
 See and feel how the complexity of Intermediate exercises can help you achieve a fit, strong and toned body. Move at a fast pace and build strength and muscle tone while finessing balance, coordination and mobility for maximum results. Begin to incorporate some of the advanced level exercises. For intermediate to advanced students.

Pilates / TRX Combo
A high intensity, challenging format using the TRX Suspension Trainer, Reformer, Stability Chair and the Mat in a Increase your overall strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. For intermediate to advanced level students.

Advanced Pilates Flow
Strengthen the entire body by increasing speed and intensity. This workout is designed to maximize total body strength, flexibility, balance and control. Explore the STOTT PILATES advanced equipment and mat repertoire. For advanced students.

Naked Mat Pilates
No equipment,no toys,no props: just you and the mat. Flow through the STOTT PILATES advanced mat sequence using the breath as your guide. Explore intermediate and advanced level work. For intermediate to advanced students.

Totally TRX
TRX suspension training provides a full body workout that can be adapted as your fitness level improves. We will apply some basic STOTT PILATES movement principles to a wide variety of exercises to ensure that you stabilize your core and employ correct movement patterns.Build power, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, all at the intensity you choose.Open to all levels.

Pilates Circuit Training
Fun, Fit,Strong and powerful is the best way to describe this small private training experience. Use a combination of reformers,chairs,kettle bells, TRX, bosus, bands, balls and your body weight to build speed,power and strength. This pilates style boot camp incorporates the STOTT PILATES principles in each exercise to ensure maximum results. Suitable for all levels.

Teen Pilates
Totally Teens, Totally Fun. Join us for this small group STOTT PILATES lesson and improve your core strength, flexibility, muscle strength, balance and endurance. We”ll be using the reformer, chair,mat and bosu to help you achieve maximum results. Suitable for all levels and a great off-season or cross training workout for athletes.

Mat Essentials
This mat exercise workout will challenge strength and flexibility to create a strong and healthy body. Suitable for novice exercisers, the small group private lesson will also provide a foundation in the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles – the core elements of the STOTT PILATES method.