Carol’s pilates practice has helped her return to the saddle and  ride horses again.  Pilates has helped her learn how to move well and improve range of motion in her arthritic knees.

1. What are the three things you like best about the center Studio?

Carol Selman, the center Success Story

I had read a lot of books about Pilates and had tried to do various exercises on my own but I quickly realized that I needed expert assistance or I might wind up getting hurt. 

I found the the center Studio from an internet search. The first thing I liked about the studio was sitting down with Mary Jo on my first visit to discuss what I wanted to accomplish. It was a real discussion, not 2 seconds and let’s move into a work out like I experienced at one place I had tried out!

At 59 and very overweight I felt foolish even voicing my dream, to be able to ride a horse again. It was quite a passion of mine that life interfered with and I had had to give up years ago. I knew I had to lose weight but losing weight alone was not going to make me physically fit to ride. I was just too weak to even attempt such a thing. Mary Jo never flinched. As it turned out she had ridden at one time as well, so she had a good idea of what was involved physically and we had a long discussion about what her team could help me with.

What I like best about the Studio is that the staff is totally committed to helping me reach my goal. I totally LOVE the fact that my sessions are designed specifically to help me. Lauri, my instructor, and Mary Jo are always looking for new ways to help me improve. It is the most motivating environment to work in. I feel truly supported and it is a wonderful feeling!

I am very impressed at the effort the entire staff goes to, to stay up to date with the latest thoughts and ideas in the Pilates world today. It is great to know that your instructors are knowledgeable and take the time to study their craft. I feel confident that they are assessing what they learn, making their own decisions about what may be helpful to their clients and what might just be a passing fad.

Finally, walking out of the studio after my work out is the best part of my week! I always feel wonderful, I can feel the difference in my body! I know I am getting stronger and the feeling of accomplishment is so awesome!

2. What did it feel like when you first started Pilates lessons?

At first, I was concerned that it didn’t seem like I was doing very much. Everything seemed so subtle, how is this going to work out, I was wondering. Is this really going somewhere? But it wasn’t long before I realized that in order to move from the weakened state my body was currently in, I had to move slowly and deliberately. I had to really learn the importance of moving and using my body, the muscles and joints correctly. I am actually amazed at the things I can do now.

3. How has Pilates helped you reach your health and fitness goals?

I think the most important thing Pilates has done for me is to teach me how to move using my muscles and joints correctly. One of my goals has been to learn how to work without damaging or straining my knees as I have arthritis. I have to have strong legs to ride a horse and I have been fearful that my knees would not hold up to riding. My instructor has worked very diligently with me to make sure I use my body correctly as I strengthen my legs and improve flexibility. Many times I have not been completely sure my knees would allow certain movements but under my instructor’s watchful eye I am amazed at what I have been able to do, with absolutely no pain!

4.  If you had a friend who was interested in starting Pilates but wasn’t quite sure about it, what advice would you give him/her?

I would tell them to think about what they wanted to accomplish and go talk to Mary Jo and just give it a try.  the center Studio is a great place to start!