The Pelvic Floor elevator exercise teaches awareness of the muscles of the deep pelvic floor. Activating these muscles are important for core stabilization. This is an easy exercise that can be practiced anywhere.

In this video, Angela Fowler, MPT, Certified Pilates Instructor, of the center in Marietta, Ga, teaches Elizebeth Ellison how to activate the deep core musculature, including the Pelvic Floor and Transversus Abdominus.

Practice this exercise throughout the day to help your body explore awareness of these deep core muscles.


  • The Breath should be easy and relaxed.
  • Think of the muscles “whispering” instead of “shouting” as they are engaged.
  • When you engage the Pelvic Floor and Transversus, think of a volume control on a radio. Turn the volume up to about 40{80a315e4dd37a71f75f7e4ff992bdaf41eff37bb476f6938f7a39849305fe965} as you exhale. Turn the volume down to about 25{80a315e4dd37a71f75f7e4ff992bdaf41eff37bb476f6938f7a39849305fe965} as you inhale.

The Body should be tension free. Pay attention to:

  • Gripping the glutes
  • Shoulder and/or neck tension
  • Movement in the spine or pelvis
  • “Pushing” the abdominal wall out