east cobb personal trainer at the center studio in mariettaWHY AM I WRITING ABOUT PERSONAL TRAINING?

Pilates works magic for core strength, stability, flexibility, balance and muscle tone.  However, one thing Pilates doesn’t do well is teach you to move your body through space on your own two feet. Pilates also doesn’t emphasize building what we call “global strength”. It’s not designed to address these aspects of fitness. You really need to do both Pilates and some Personal Training for a fully integrated fitness program.

 I’ve known this for a while and it has really bothered me.  Am I really providing folks with everything they need to improve their health and fitness?

the center’s  Personal Training program can fill in gaps and improve your overall fitness level.

Here’s how:

  1. Personal Training addresses areas that Pilates doesn’t: 
    By adding in full bodyweight exercises, some cardio, some speed/agility work and some strength training you’ll cover all the aspects of a well rounded fitness program.
  2. Personal Training is a calorie burning experience: 

    Personal training burns more calories than Pilates.  Adding in a session or two each week can help you with your weight loss goals.

  3. Personal Training will give you some cardio: 

    You can fall behind on this important aspect of fitness if all you do is Pilates.  Personal Training will keep you on track and accountable for keeping up with your cardiovascular training.

  4. Personal Training will teach you new skills: 

    If you are training for a race, preparing for a strenuous hike, or learning a new sport, Personal Training can be customized to provide you with applicable experiences to enhance your performance.

  5. Personal Training can help you break thru a Pilates plateau: 

    Sometimes you need a boost to move your Pilates to the next level.  If you are at a plateau or not getting the results you seek,  Personal training will teach you new exercises and tools to jumpstart your progress.

If you are experienced in Pilates, aren’t suffering from chronic or acute bone or joint issues, have built your core stability and strength, understand how to breathe and find neutral alignment, then maybe it’s time to add something different to your practice.

Come talk to me or email me if you are interested in getting started.  The studio now offers full and 1/2 private sessions as well as a Group Circuit Training class. We are ready to get you moving and grooving to your best self eve!

See you at the studio,

Mary Jo