lavendarMany Clients have asked about our cleaning spray.  We make our own, using a blend of tea tree oil (for it’s antiseptic properties), lavender oil (for it’s calming effect) and castile soap.

Here’s our recipe:

10 drops tea tree oil
8 drops lavender oil
2 tsp castille soap
24 oz water

Essential oils have many other uses besides cleaning.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Heals and soothes sunburn.  | Relieves itchiness from rashes & helps reduce rashes.  | Treats acne.  |  A few drops in your pets’ crates or beds keep the fleas away.  | Can treat toenail fungus and Athlete’s foot. | Naturally cures bad breath (Swish some tea tree oil and water in you mouth.) |  Soothes insect bites.  | Works as an antiseptic on small cuts. | Freshens laundry: Add a few drops in your washing machine to scent your clothes. |  Freshens  carpet. | Cleans mold: Mix apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil and scrub mold; place outside to sun-dry.

Calms the body & mind (Rub 2-3 drops of in palms and inhale the scent.)  | Sleep Aid: Place a drop on your pillow. |  Relieves eczema / dermatitis.  | Relieves dry skin & chapped lips. | Healthy scalp: rub several drops into the scalp to eliminate dandruff. | Heals cold sores. | Flavor booster: add a few drops of lavender your favorite recipe.