Good posture is essential for good health. When bones are aligned in a neutral position there is less stress on the joints and organs. Sitting, standing and moving all become easier. Try these exercises at least once a day for to improve your posture.


stretching exercise for good postureFirst move your hands behind your back, clasp your fingers together and rotate your palms up. Now press your hands down and hold for 30 seconds. This stretches the chest wall and allows the upper back to relax (can be done seated or standing).Next place your arms over your head and clasp one wrist with the other hand. Bend to one side and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on opposite side. This stretches the side of your body, from hips to neck. 


strengthening exercise for good postureFrom a hands and knees position, reach one arm in front of you and the opposite leg behind you. Check that your hips are square and your back isn’t arching. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side. This exercise strengthens the core muscles, which are important for good posture.
back exercise for good postureFrom a prone position, reach one arm in front of you and the opposite leg behind you. Lift your head and gently arch your back. Alternate moving arms and legs as if you are swimming. Repeat 10 times on each side. This exercises is similar to the one above; however the focus here is strengthening the entire back of the body.
upper back strengthening exercise for good postureLie in a prone position with your hands at your sides, palms facing in. Roll your shoulders and your head off the mat. Stay in a low hover – the lower the hover the more this exercise strengthens the upper back.   Hold 30 seconds and then repeat.


alignment exercise for good postureSit against a wall with your legs out in front of you. Keep the legs hip distance apart with the knees in alignment. Place the sides of your hands in the crook of your legs.   Bend your elbows and press your shoulder blades together. Now lift the heels off the floor. Hold for 2 minutes. This exercise realigns the pelvis.