Roll Away the Pain


Rolling helps release trigger points in the muscle and fascial system. Often time the source of pain is different from where the pain is felt. Our body system approach locates the source(s) and teaches you self care techniques for long lasting relief. We use a variety of balls and rollers to address different issues, followed by specific stretches.  Daily home practice is recommended for long term results.


Painful areas in the body are typically not the source of the problem.  Rolling finds the source, and addresses that area(s) of the body.  A rolling session also includes stretching of affected areas and corrective exercise to rebalance muscles and realign joints.  We also look at your lifestyle habits, such as repetitive movements, sitting posture, sleeping posture, etc..  to help you create simple solutions for long term relief.


Regular use will help tight hips run again, bad backs play golf again, painful shoulders play tennis again and creaky knees climb stairs again.



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the center is located just north of the chattahoochee river

Convenient to East Cobb, Sandy Springs, Marietta and Roswell

910 Marietta Highway
Suite 220 upstairs
Roswell 30075

Look for us in Paper Mill Village, across from Moxie Burger