golf fitness in marietta by titleist performance institute certified professionalHow to Play Like Bubba

If you watched the 2014 Masters, you may have noticed that most of the players looked athletic and strong.  It’s no secret that the game of golf has changed over the past decade.  Many of those players that you saw last weekend have used fitness programs of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) to transform their bodies and get the most out of their game. The Titleist Performance Institute is one of the nation’s leaders in golf performance. 

Lucky for all of us casual golfers, TPI isn’t limited to the pros. 

Golf fitness focuses on improving your ability to address the ball and to move correctly during all phases of the swing.  As an example, poor shoulder flexibility can impact your ability to take the club head back, and cause you to come”over the top” during the downswing. Likewise, poor core strength can limit your ability to hold your posture and to generate power on the downswing.

the center East Cobb offers the Titleist Performance Institute program in our Marietta studio. The combination of pilates and the TPI golf fitness program will give you great results.

“I have a lot more lower body stability. I’m hitting straighter and more accurately, and my lobbing is a lot better. The core exercises and hip flexibility exercises have really improved my game. Mary Jo is great!” – Kathleen Hadfield

Working with Lia has gotten me more flexible, a better posture and mentally ready to play better for a long time into the future.” – Bob Hart
“I have improved my game and am more flexible and more aware of different muscles.  I have more distance and more consistency. Lia is a very dedicated instructor that always puts you and your needs first.” – Stan Epperson

To get you started, you’ll undergo a physical screen and a swing analysis. The evaluation identifies physical limitations that may be affecting your game. We’ll custom tailor a fitness program and get your game back on track.

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