golfer stan sunshine is the center's success storyGolfer Stan Sunshine was initially skeptical about pilates.  As a regular gym workout person for many years, he wasn’t sure what to expect.  Stan visited the studio after receiving a pilates golf package for Father’s day from his wife Luci, who is also a the center client. Stan was open to gaining more flexibility, but wasn’t sure what else pilates would offer to help his game.  After completing his first package, he says he “notices a better understanding of posture and balance, along with a marked improvement in how I feel after a round.” Stan also says he has “improved awareness of my golf swing which has led to better ball striking”.  Stan especially appreciates how instructor Lia Jordan has been “informative about how to reach his goals and wonderfully supportive throughout my workouts.”

Congratulations Stan! We’re glad you are finding success with your pilates program.